Care Information

The findings used are 92.5 Sterling Silver and can tarnish due to moisture, to prevent tarnishing it's best to store them in an air-tight box or drawer. If they do tarnish use a polishing cloth and it'll be as good as new.
As 92.5 Silver is softer than regular metals, make sure you handle these puppies with love. It's best to store them on the earrings cards to prevent any warping. If the findings distort you can gently push them back into their original shape.
Got your fingerprints on the jewellery or just want to wipe it? Use a soft micro-fibre cloth.
Although your yummy perfume and sunshine is something I absolutely love, always store the jewellery in a dark and cool place and do not spray any chemicals on it.
These puppies are perfectly secured with Resin but it's best to handle them with care. dropping them could warp the metal. The clips aren't good at swimming so keep them away from water and your delicious perfume.